Saturday, 26 May 2012

Holy crepe, it's still summer!

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My favourite breakfast, Summer stylĂ©e! Boy do I love pancakes. And how much did I think I was going to miss them when I Went Vegan…? A LOT. But then a funny thing happened….I discovered that the eggs are just…..entirely unnecessary. Joy of joys! When I further discovered that one can whip up a perfectly splendid pancake batter in one’s blender, life got even better.

Crepes are a different matter though……having spent numerous childhood summers in France, I knew what I was missing. Those thin wondrous crispy edges. HOW?

Well my friends, today I dug out the ol’ vegan bible, Veganomicon, and found a simple crepe recipe with VERY thorough instructions. Boy were those instructions necessary - don’t think you’re prepared to crepe it up if you’re a pancake devotee like me. NO SIR. I think I finally got the hang of it by the third….behold those crispy edges! Such is the wonder of chickpea flour…..

Us Mancunians (and Brits in general, I daresay) are very much enjoying this brief spell of summer. Miaowski, for example, is taking full advantage….

And my garden is soaking it up too - here are some teeny baby strawberries coming through - come on strawberries, you can do it!

I think another BBQ will be on the agenda before the weekend is through. Hurrah Summer, for however long she is here!

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