Sunday, 20 May 2012

Pizza and Vegan Runners

As the old saying goes, “feed a cold, starve a fever”……and this pizza was much appreciated, garlic infused food for my currently developing cold……

After a weekend of rather intense baking (including cinnamon rolls at 11.30pm Saturday) and being charmingly harassed by my cat at 4.30am Sunday, I was feeling pretty darn tired today! But I was off into Manchester to meet my vegan running chum, to offer moral and baked support before and after the 10k Great Manchester Run.

Well done Richard on your tremendous time of 47.52 - an excellent representative of Vegan Runners UK!

Well done also to Sarah, another vegan running hero!

Obviously it was very exhausting for me watching all those runners crossing the finish line…… After a lovely, restorative lunch in Earth CafĂ©, it was time to make my way home, the runners having been further restored with cake, wherein I immediately took my sneezy sniffly self to bed for a short disco nap, followed by a hot bath, and finished the evening off with my Pizza Express favourite - a cheeseless giardiniera instead topped with cubes of delicious Vegourmet Mediterraneo cheese.

And so….much pizza and cake later, my fledgling cold feels somewhat soothed, but I daresay there is much more feeding of my cold to come in the next few days!

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