Thursday, 24 May 2012


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Dearest readers, summer has arrived in Manchester!!!1! And since we never expect Summer to stay for more than around 3 days per year, today was the ideal opportunity to dust off the BBQ.

Ahhh yes, and what of the oft mocked meat ‘replacements’?. I quickly cooked up some seitan steaks, and had I been a bit more organised I would have slathered them in a BBQ marinade, though they were very tasty as is. I also threw together a quinoa, chickpea & pesto salad, a ‘salad salad’, and a few corn cobs went on the coals too….

I kept my seitan simple with some grated Cheezly & ketchup on a mini ciabatta. I would have dressed this sandwich up a bit more if I wasn’t so keen to stuff it in my gob.

(Please note the classic, and classy, “crisps with salad” arrangement on my plate….)

And now for the obligatory cross-section glamour shot……

Because I was only cooking for two, I kept it pretty simple, but there are a huge amount of excellent vegan BBQ recipes out there! There’s nothing to stop you heading out and buying up some ready made veggie sausages or burgers; Fry’s make some excellent faux meaty products (available in Holland & Barrett) that work brilliantly on the BBQ. Veggie skewers are always a good option, add some firm tofu or seitan. Large portobello mushrooms are delicious, and you can even throw on some garlic bread! (replace butter with margarine here). Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Appetite for Reduction has THE BEST tamarind BBQ marinade recipe - the book is worth it for this alone! (and for so much more).

Seitan grills really well and is worth making - make a batch and stick it in the freezer. Us Brits have to be prepared for sunny weather and make the most of it while it lasts, by God.

Thank goodness my BBQ helper was on hand tonight…..

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