Sunday, 3 June 2012

Pizza Night Picture Post (+ British Summer Returns)

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My dear readers, as you can see the great British summer she has returned! Yes, as I type this midday Sunday I am sitting comfortably in my jammies with a splendid cup o’ hot black coffee (damn good coffee, and HOT) while the rain falls outside…… My friends across the pond may (or may not) realise that this splendid jubilee celebration weekend, more importantly than anything else, gives me 4 straight free days off work. I am celebrating by sitting in my PJs past 12pm and reminiscing about last night’s dinner…. In addition to Fajita Friday, Saturday has recently been assigned a weekly dish in our house. PIZZA NIGHT….

If you have a bread machine in your kitchen and you don’t use it to make pizza dough at least once a week…….WHY NOT?

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