Thursday, 5 July 2012

Noochy Sausage, Mushroom, Pepper & Tomato Omelette

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Ohhh myyyyy gossshhhhhh it’s been busy here at Cake Towers recently! I have some pretty chuffing booked up weeks of baking approaching and unfortunately it’s not really been the time to get SAVOURY CREATIVE in the kitchen :/

And so, I turned to the good ol’ PPK tonight for this tofu omelette. I’m trying to go a bit easy on the fats/carbs lately if at all possible, so I swapped out the olive oil and added a little soy milk. I used my trusty copper bottom frying pan with the lightest spraying of oil and these turned out perfectly. I topped with 1 chopped Linda McCartney sausage, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, chopped spring onion and garlic. All were sautéed over a low heat with a spritz of oil. I mixed in a tablespoon of noochy goodness just before serving.

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