Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Bad Blogger! Bad!

This blog has moved! See this post on the relocated blog here:

Well folks, no excuses, I have been a poor poor blogger lately! Here is my list of possible excuses, none of which explain my lack of blogging, but more so my lack of COOKING:
  • I've been doing lots of baking as my alter ego, Cottage Cupcake Co - mostly for fundraisers or other similar events, because, tis the season of goodwill and all that!

  • Our adorable little rescue pup got spayed about 10 days ago, and that sent me into a fraught and anxious period during which I could mostly only eat noodles and jammie dodgers (something I don't recommend)

  • I've been getting really carried away with blogging about my pooch, and all things veggie-dog! I've been doing lots of research around positive training and plant based diets for pooches. If you are curious check out my other blog here :)

  • Gosh darn it, Christmas is right around the corner and I have lots of festive things to be getting on with!
I think that about covers my poor excuses for lack of cooking any interesting food! Oh, that and all the Chinese takeaways we've been eating, eeek :/

I did, however, make some tremendous pup biscuits for my poochy - pumpkin spice bites, look good enough to eat!

I've also been experimenting with veggie dog food, so if you want to have a go at some gluten free homemade dog chow, check it out here!

Normal service will, I hope, be resumed soon!

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