Friday, 28 December 2012

Merry Vegan Christmas 2012!

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2013 draws near, and it's time for a little Christmas roundup, dear readers.

First of all, as you can see I have been working on a spanking new blog design and domain, and I hope to put much more time into creating lovely vegan recipes over the next year. But first! Let me tell you about my wonderful vegan Christmas.

Ad has been the tradition for the last couple of years, my boyfriend and I offered to cook Christmas dinner at my Mum's place. Being the only vegan, I plumped to make the vegetables, starters and sides. I decided to keep it simple this year, starting with a creamy leek & potato soup. For myself, I took the lazy option and decided to try out the Redwoods turkey and gammon style roasts... (yes, both......)
Everyone who's made a Christmas dinner knows that the vegetables are basically all the hard work... Our dinner for five came with the following sides:
  • Roast potatoes (par boiled, shaken, tossed with semolina and roasted in pre-heated vegetable oil)
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Maple roast parsnips
  • Steamed sprouts and carrots
  • Red cabbage braised with red onion and apple
  • Apple sauce
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Sage & onion stuffing
No problem! I made the stuffing and braised cabbage the night before, and prepped the various veg on Christmas Day morning. The glorious finished main meal, once piled gluttonously on my plate, looked like this:

Once I had eaten my fill, I decided to power on through another plateful. And then it was time for pudding. And THEN it was time for cake. My dear old Mother made this glorious vegan Christmas cake....

My dear friends, family and loved ones kindly gifted me some wonderful vegan friendly presents. Newly added to my growing collection of books are the wonderful, glorious, hard backed Vegan Eats World, and the beautiful Vegan Food Gifts.

All in all a lovely Christmas! Unfortunately I've spent the last couple of days fending off a fierce lurgy, and have spent most of the past 36 hours without voice. I've primarily spent my time eating hearty stew, taking my beloved poochy to the park, and reclining on the settee watching Hammer horror films.

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas, with a satisfying Christmas dinner and lots of lovely goodies!

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