Monday, 29 April 2013

Satay 'Shrimp'...

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Today was payday! And more than that, I started a new job 3 weeks or so ago, still at the University, but in a different part of the campus. My location is now within 3 minutes walk of the WH Lung cash & carry. JOY!

I've always been rather fond of WH Lung, and its vegan friendly treasures are many. Today I stocked up on lots of various goodies, including this satay mix, and these freaky real lookin' 'shrimp'.

I decided to get out my glorious new griddle pan, and griddle these faux shrimp up. The satay mix contained two sachets of seasoning, both required mixing with coconut milk. One was for marinating, and the other for a sauce.....

I mixed the satay sauce with some udon noodles and chopped spring onions, and served the 'shrimp' ATOP:

The satay sauce was DELICIOUS, and the noodles were tremendous, but I have to say that these faux shrimp were just too freaky life-like for me. Even before I was vegan, I was never a huge fan of seafood, but I think if you miss dishes like this then definitely check out your local Chinese supermarket and seek these out. I'm sure they would BBQ well, or fit into any other standard shrimpy recipe. My omnivorous boyfriend tried one and told me it was pretty similar to the real thing. I gave up after a working my way through a whole one and stuck to the noodles!

I managed to pick up some other amazing vegan goodies today too, including agar POWDER (UK agar fans note), a couple of cans of jackfruit and some other curious mock meats. I look forward to further kitchen adventures with some of my other discoveries.

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  1. Isn't it funny, we vegans try so hard to emulate so many textures, cheese, sausages, bacon and so on. Then we delight in finding one that is remarkably like the original and soon realize we do not miss that one at all. Sorry you had a similar experience, but yay for a yummy satay sauce!