Friday, 6 September 2013

Tofuomelette & Bacon Bagel (and Dracula)

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It's FRIDAY! Praise be! I was inspired today by this AMAZING French blog I found: Interpr├ętations Culinaires (particularly this post). I picked up some Redwoods 'bacon' slices today from 8th Day, along with some other vegan goodies. I was a bit jolly excited to see some takeaway vegan 'quiches' at the food-to-go counter, and grabbed one for my lunch...

I'm sorry to report that it was about as appetising as it looks.....even the pastry was bad, and pastry is one of my favourite things ever! (Once upon a time my blog lived on Tumblr and I made a tortilla pie which was a bit quiche-like and which, if you don't mind me saying, was much nicer than this.....)

ANYHOO! In order to make up for the disappointment, I decided to make myself a proper Vegan MOFO junk food dinner....
Tofuomelette and 'bacon' bagel sarnie....
Recently I grabbed the Universal Classic Monsters blu-ray box set for cheap on Amazon and decided tonight was the night for me to watch the 1931 Dracula FOR THE FIRST TIME.So it's hard for me to pick a favourite scene when I've only watched this the one time, but there are so many 'classic' lines that make so many impersonations make sense now.....this has got to be the most famous though?I'm a big Hammer Horror fan, but I was never even vaguely convinced by Christopher Lee's Dracula....(Peter Cushing on the other hand did a consistently tremendous job, but I'll come back to that......) 

Obvs it's all a big silly load of nonsense, but Bela Lugosi does it way better if you ask me.Tomorrow night I'm giving a cooking demo at the Green Trail event in South Manchester, so I'll do my best to rush home and cram in a horror film ASAP afterwards so I can have a legitimate blog about it!

Here's Vulpe doing her best vampire impression....


  1. Best of luck with the cooking demo, Jenny! Vulpe would make an adorable vampire! :D

    1. Aw thanks Julie - ha, Vulpe would be a pretty rubbish vampire, she's even scared of cats! :P