Friday, 11 October 2013

Really Proper Vegan MOFO fail :(

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I'm saddened and ashamed to admit a complete Vegan MOFO 2013 fail :(

Unfortunately real life got in the way (not to mention the continued lack of internet access) but by thunder I will be ready for it in 2014.

That isn't to say there hasn't been some nice food......

There used to be a filthy kebab shop in Manchester that served veggie 'kebabs' which were basically fried up veggie burger with curry flavouring.....

I added some potatoes to mine.

I got these amazing HUGE wraps from my local grocers, which has lots of ethnic/world foods.

Oh yep, my local pound shop also has the BIGGEST collection of Astonish cleaners I've ever seen! (all vegan friendly and £1 each)

Test run for Veganic pizza cheese...

...tasty, but not melty :/

'Egg' and avocado sarnies.

I used to live in Holland so I love these little Dutch style cheese slices. PERFECT sandwich filler.

These were perfectly horrendous. Far too authentic! I couldn't eat the soup I made with these...

Some wonderful comfort food from V Revolution.

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