Saturday, 5 July 2014

Summertime post

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It wouldn't be Manchester if we hadn't had a heck of a lot of rain in the last couple of months, but we've still been having some proper summertime too. I've love to say I've been tending an impressive urban herb garden and tossing salads all over the place, but because I'm a very poor specimen of adulthood, I've mostly been killing shoots and ordering Chinese food.

Those days of skipping home to make a thrilling new vegan recipe to share with The Internet are, if not behind me, definitely on a long break. I barely manage to keep the plants watered, do the washing up and take my meter readings, but eh, at least I turn up to work showered every day and I have one happy pooch who takes up 3/4 of my king size bed every night!

But in the spirit of stubbornness or maybe just because I like to have a wee blog every now and then, I thought I'd look back over some of my vegan grub highlights of recent weeks. Oh, I also got a coupla new tattoos in order to begin fostering better tattoo habits. Kids - I'm 32 and one of these was my 4th cover-up. Don't have any tattoos until you're 25! Srsly.

A pretty typical scene these days. How ruddy marvellous is my Fortean Times mug though?

Proof that I still buy vegetables sometimes.

Ah yes, another familiar scene. I <3 you, Tesco Valpolicella.

Further proof that I still buy vegetables! Vulpe gives a leek the lick test.
Here's my beloved Twin Peaks tattoo en cours...


Totally amazing coverup by Hannah Clark <3

I remember getting this pentagram tattoo. I was about 17 or 18, and I was determined to get something daring and provocative emblazoned on my body in a prominent place. Did I ever mention how ridiculous and obnoxious I was back then? Anyhoo. I went to a dodgy backstreet tattooist off Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester and a guy who looked like a Kray twin set to work without even using a transfer or anything. Since I was too scared to protest I had to have it tweaked a few years later, to straighten the lines and make the circle more.....circular.

Getting this one covered was particularly liberating. Both were done by Hannah at Rain City, and I can't recommend her enough. She's also vegan, which means she's double extra ace. Obviously.

But here's some proper food I made too, which happens occasionally still....

Tremendous almost-actual-salad.

A REAL SALAD. With ace paprika baked tofu.

Side salad counts, yes?

Peach cobbler from Chloe's Vegan Desserts. This was AMAZING.

Of course, life's been going on for Vulpe too. She celebrated her 2nd birthday a few weeks back; she had a party and her doggy pals came over and we watched films with dogs in. It was ace!

Bone shaped vegan sarnies for the human guests.

Doggy bags for the human guests.

A typical Vulpe pose these days.

Another typical Vulpe pose. She learns all this stuff about snoozing from me.

Vulpe usually adopts the above poses when I make her sit through one of my thrilling new film discoveries. My most favourite recent find is this totally ace, somewhat prophetic, slightly dystopian, not-quite-werewolf flick....  I can't say why I love it without giving too much away, but it did make me wonder what kind of terrorism it'd be if Earth started fighting back. THE GOOD KIND?

So, we plod on, and soon we'll have been in this flat for a year. I was rather hoping to be doing a better job of adult life after all this time, but we're not doing too day I'll have my urban herb garden, by dog.... Mostly I'm trying to get to the point where I eat proper vegetables every day and don't subsidise the local Chinese takeaway quite so much.


  1. Oh my goodness, Vulpe! So many cute pictures! I love the dog bone tea sandwiches and the cobbler looks perfect, I don't think I've ever made cobbler! I love your pine cone tattoo and you can't tell it's a cover up at all which is the way it should be, I'll be checking out Hannah's work - maybe I'll be able to use getting tattooed as an excuse to come back to Manchester!

    1. Yeh I definitely recommend her, she's ace and totally lovely too! I'm so pleased with the coverup and I'm planning a Vulpe portrait once I've saved a few more pennies.

      The cobbler was so easy, and I've never ever eaten cooked peaches before but they were yum!

  2. Such cute pictures of Vulpe, as always! Those dog bone shaped sandwiches are adorable! :)

    1. Thanks Julie - she doesn't get her good looks from me, that's for sure! :)