Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Garden Thrills

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So, dear blogging pals, the last couple of weeks has been CRAZY. I moved house. Again. But boy am I living in suburban heaven now. I am literally like a pig in muck, only with a huge garden, a dishwasher and a corner bath. I have trees and plants and a shed and decking and a STUDY ROOM YOU GUYZ. I am so disgustingly happy tucked away at the end corner of a little cul-de-sac 10 minutes walk from at least one place that is actually a "VALE" that I might explode.

My kitchen is an utter delight, and I've already been a bakin' and a cookin' more than I have for a while. I've also been super duper busy starting my MA though, so who knows how long that'll last (especially with a chippy just at the end of the road....)

More exciting currently is my bloody amazing garden. I have miles of garden (sortofnotreally), composters, planters, conifers, a shed, yehhhhhhh!

Behold my planter o' strawbs, which I hope will keep me well stocked in the warmer weather,

One of two glorious mucky tubs o' compost!

Vulpe is in garden heaven.

Tiny adorbs pine cones.

Pretty flowers!

Handsome planter.

Cheeky little bird house in my prize conifer.

I have TOOLS for heaven's sake....

...and a SHED!
I have some daff bulbs to plant in tomorrow, and am super DUPER excited about my raised bed plans, as I have plenty of onion and garlic bulbs ready to go.

My house is tremendous, and Vulpe is thrilled at being able to run up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs, down the stairs...... The garden is a huge hit; even Miaowski has mustered up some enthusiasm...

Vulpe's also been enjoying walking on nearby Sunnybank Vale, which is our new favourite walkies spot, and one that looks like it might be able to help me out with a crumble or two, when the time is right....

I'm enjoying my last few days off work before it's back to normality :(


  1. Great to hear you're so happy in your new place! Lovely pictures! :)

    1. Thanks Julie! It definitely feels more like home than the last place did, and it's lovely to have so much garden :)

  2. I'm so happy that things have worked out so wonderfully for you! Great to hear you so happy and excited! The house looks and sounds amazing, can't wait to visit :D

    1. You are welcome to invite yourself over anytime at all! It's a shame the winter's coming in but it's going to be great for al fresco dining in the Spring/Summer :) x