Sunday, 8 February 2015

It's Been a While - and sushi....

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I guess I ain't been cookin' much lately.... I've been pumping money I don't so much have into the local Chinese takeaway, there's been plenty of that..... And a whole lotta toast. It's been all about work and the slow descent into madness that is January Exams. At the same time, I'm over on the other side of the counter soldiering on with my part time/distance learning MA and trying to fit in essay writing/journal reading along with dog walking and hoovering and far too many episodes of the X-Files.... (Hallo, I already have a doctorate in Procrastination.)

Speaking of the X-Files, d'ya like my new tattoo, by the absolutely ruddy lovely Hannah at Rain City?

But anyhoo, every now and then it's time for some super duper effort-worthy grub. My lovely friend Vicki came over last night. Sushi and wine, you guyz, sushi and wine.....

Step one: roasting sweet potato and LOTS of garlic in sesame oil, in preparation for mashing.

Step two: gaze adoringly at oyster mushrooms. Soak in teriyaki marinade.
Weird chilli faux meat from the Chinese supermarket.
Roll roll roll.

Not pictured: teriyaki soaked/fried tofu and lots of avocado. Also not pictured: my face contorted into salty soy sauce induced sushi delight. Proper actual heaven.

Here's a snap yoinked from Vicki's Instagram showing the full, cosy glory of our feast:

And I guess that THIS is what Vulpe thinks of all this fishless sushi heathenry.....


I seriously need to get some sushi accessories on the go so I can feed both my new obsession and my big fat face. Any suggestions, dear readers, on books or favourite vegan recipes?


  1. I got Vegetarian Sushi for Christmas ( and it has a lot of vegan options in it. I also use this website: I'm a complete sushi novice whereas yours looks pretty professional, so these references might be a bit too simple for you!

    1. Aww thank you! I am VERY much still a novice but still seeking out new ideas :)