Thursday, 9 April 2015

BBQ weather is HERE

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Holy moly you guyz, the bank holiday weekend was PRETTY nice. Friday was a washout - I was supposed to spend the whole day studying, but I think the rain and the drizzle totally dampened my enthusiasm. I mostly lounged about with the pooch on the sofa. But Saturday came and SO DID THE SUNSHINE. It was so gosh darn NICE to sit outside with a coffee and do some studying. Sunday was much the same, except maybe for the bit when Vulpe came bounding over to check out the lovely pristine white tablecloth I just put on the outside table and donked her mucky little paws right on top of it.....

Cheeky monkey! I also had some lovely garden visitors throughout the whole weekend <3

But the thrill of line drying, studying al fresco and making friends with birds wasn't the best bit, the best bit was when the bestest man came for a flying visit on Sunday night. I REFUSED to believe we'd have anything other than BBQ weather on Monday and by GOD I was right.....

Ain't no guac like homemade guac.

Impromptu BBQ feast.

BBQ TOFU. I love appropriating meat sauces for tofu <3

OLIVES and the best pesto in the world.

We smothered the mushrooms in pesto and they were splendid. Tesco veg burgers less inspiring.

Yummers BBQ tofu and guac sarnie.

Vulpe (and even Miaowski) made the most of the sunshine. I can't WAIT for proper sunny times and for all my herbs/salad to grow grow grow so I can harvest them for BBQ salads and wotnot. Usually I fail horrendously, but the sheer size of my garden is making me feel confident this year. Probably falsely, WE SHALL SEE.

Here's a lil tip for you though..... Single use BBQs, don't put them on wood you guyz :( I know it's a shocker that I only just realised this at the age of 33 and 1/2, but boy have I learned my lesson....


  1. Whoa...all that food looks amazing. I was wondering what happened to you on the blogosphere - happy to find this!

    1. Thanks Lara! I think I've been so buried in my studies I'd forgotten to do any blog-procrastination (though I've managed every other kind...)

  2. Haha, nope, you totally can't put a disposable BBQ on wood! You need bricks! Vulpe is adorable as always and your BBQ has made me extra excited about living in a van this summer. I think I'll be eating BBQ food a lot!

    1. To be fair to me, the coals burned through the bottom of the BBQ so it could have just been some hideous charring rather than such destruction :D However, I am definitely going to buy a PROPER one before the summer weather comes back! I hope you have lots of warm weather to go with your BBQ/van fun :)