Monday, 4 May 2015

Some Things I Have Eaten Lately

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So, the springtime weather that was so good I had to burn down part of the garden is officially OVER. It's been raining more or less non stop for a week or more now. It's a good job I didn't scamper out to buy myself a proper BBQ, though clearly that's necessary since I can't be trusted with any other kind.....

But here's some food I have eaten lately.... I didn't even do any household damage.

If I can't BBQ, by god I'll griddle my tofu.

Here's a super shiitake stir fry with rice noodles I made.

A lemon & almond cake with cream cheese frosting for NO REASON. Cake is reason in itself, yes?

This breakfast started out as 'just some tofu' and ended here.

I found these mushrooms in my garden but was too scared of liver failure to eat them.

American pancakes day, and more pancake divination. This one is clearly a bear.

By the end of June I'll be finished up with my Masters degree for this academic year, and I really need to start doing some proper cooking from the cookbooks I've acquired over the last year or so. I've got a self-imposed ban on buying any more until I've made at least 10 recipes from Isa Does It. Have you got any top recommendations from that book? I've already been enjoying the fluffy pillow pancakes a LOT (see above).

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