Thursday, 25 June 2015

Knitting Was Not For Me, I Am A Cross Stitch Addict

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Readers, I confess that the past few weeks have been a bit miserable for me. Not only has my cooking mojo taken its leave, other mojos have followed suit: tidying, gardening, studying..... Pretty much the only thing I've kept on top of lately is work, and boy has work been intense. I'm currently trying hard to get back on top of everything, get a couple of essays finished up, sort out my garden which mocks me with its Jurassic Park length grass, and maybe even start eating some proper food again because I'm pretty sure when July comes around and I turn 34, I'll have even less of an excuse to be eating marmite on toast for dinner every night.

There's one thing that's been keeping me sane though; my favourite new obsession is CROSS STITCH. Now, I tried knitting not long ago. I really really tried. I got a book, nice needles, some lovely vegan friendly yarn and even an ~adorable~ set of crochet hooks. But you guyz, knitting did not grip me. I tried, but we weren't meant to be.

So here's what I've been keeping myself busy with instead, in an effort to focus my weary mind on something other than a variety of stresses, and to stop me from heading straight to bed as soon as I come home from work.....

Here's how it all began - this book is available at a bargain price online and I'd recommend it!

My first little stitch from this lovely book. BIRDIE.
My first l'il colour cross stitch.
My first completed Etsy pattern. Pusheeeeeeeen.
My first person - my wonderful better half and his banjo.
I was spurred on to attempt a family portrait for a dear pal of mine for her birthday.....
....the finished portrait.
Thrilled beyond reason at stitching a portrait, I offered the same service to anyone who'd have one.
For my lovely friend Vicki: the finished piece - a bit wonky, but not too bad for a beginner.

I've been scouring the internet for contemporary x-stitch resources, blogs, websites, etc. Boy, there is some twee stuff out there..... Photo real portraits, winter cottages and tigers are not my thing. But I found a few totally tremendous sites and I'm developing quite a to-stitch list. Everyone I know can start dreading receiving x-stitched items for gifts from now on.

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