Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Fancypants Chickpea Salad & Adventures in Embroidery

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You guyz, despite the fact that my GP surgery is taking SO MUCH TIME to process my test results and figure out the next step in diagnosing my mystery stomach affliction, my tum has actually been feeling a wee bit better in recent days. I wonder if this is because I've not had any cake, coffee, salt, tomatoes, chocolate, onions, garlic, etc etc in OVER TWO WEEKS (inhumane, frankly).

Anyway, tonight I'm feeling brave. I just want a little taste of that sweet, forbidden fruit. Just a liiiiittle taste. I also got some super lovely salad leaves and edible flowers in my veg box today so that put me right in a salad mood.

I realised yesterday that I still had a bag full of new potatoes and it was only t-minus ONE DAY until next veg box. I boiled them all up in a panic. I had some with my dinner last night, and saved the rest for salads. I took inspiration from a salad in Isa Does It and added smoky chickpeas. I just fried these (in my super ceramic pan) in a little sesame oil, and then added plenty of smoked paprika.

Here's where I got brave. I added a little mayo, spring onion and one medium sized tomato to my salad. A homegrown tomato, NO LESS. And, you know what, say what you will about nut roasts and wotnot, but I love these nut cutlets from Tesco. They are very tasty.

Time will tell whether I will regret these audacious risks. In the meantime, how about a bit of embroidery? I've been cross stitching for a few months now and I've been marvelling at some of the truly amazing embroidery out there. Behold:

Aren't they beautiful? I decided to be brave and give some non-cross-stitch embroidery a go. I Pinterest-ed the blinking heck out of free embroidery patterns for beginners and found some super patterns, including these cat lady templates at Pink Samurai.

I didn't have any linen or evenweave to hand so I (foolishly) went ahead and stitched this on a fairly low count aida. This limited me ratherrrr a bit, but I am stubborn, so I forged on.....

Lordy, this is pretty bad! But I'll carry on practising and hopefully one day soon I'll be doing something worthy of a tea towel. HOPEFULLY!

I dream of having a trolley to save my coffee table from eternal use as an embroidery station; everyone seems to be using this guy from Ikea, but at £50 I think perhaps not.


Pending the purchase of a suitable embroidery station, I put together a Stitchin' Station using a currently-unused bedside table and teeny shelf unit.

And finally, I saw some super amazing embroidery at Manchester Museum today when I decided to check out the new Study at lunchtime.

How about a bonus pic of Miaowski-Zombiecat looking ridiculous while she sleeps the sleep of the undead? Go on then....


  1. Your salad looks delicious & the cat stitch is cute! Awww, that pic of Miaowski is so adorable; cats sure seem to be comfy in the oddest positions! :D

    1. Miaowski is rarely adorable these days (she's a very old lady) so I had to capture it! Aw and thanks, I need to do much more embroidery practice I think :)

  2. Cute cats! LOVE the embroidery, too, nice job! And the FOOD!!!!!!