Thursday, 3 December 2015

Vegan Christmas 2015 - What Are YOU Eating?

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Ohhhhh dearest blog folk. Today I feel like the apocalypse is upon us. I thought that day when I woke up to find David Cameron was to be Prime Minister was bad enough. But today the horror of all the bad things happening all over the world is really overwhelming me.

I find most mainstream media to be a heinous misrepresentation of reality; a reliable stream of toxic misinformation, and a wholly unreliable source of information where so many awful truths and injustices are concerned. Every day I fire up my Feedly page and I keep up to date with the happy and the crafty and the foody and all the amazing inspirational blogs you see listed to the right and a little further down this page.

But then I navigate to my own customised 'news' section where I keep an eye on a few independent sites that are committed to truth, transparency, and digging out all the news that mainstream media has discarded in favour of maintaining its agenda, whatever that may be. Today, I admit, I felt so overwhelmed by the awfulness of it all, that I had to just skip that whole section. My emotional reserves have been running a little dry lately anyway, I must say, because it turns out that chronic flipping exhaustion and other mystery health concerns do not much buoy the soul, or fill one with any amount of cheer.

Sometimes I think it's okay to accept that our emotions can begin to become fatigued, they can begin to run a little dry. For those of us who once upon a time donned those They Live sunglasses and can rarely bring ourselves to take them off, it's important on occasion to concentrate on the positive, the inane, or on doing good deeds for ourselves or for others, no matter how small.

And so, this preamble leads in, I suppose, to a very inconsequential little post about Christmas, a time of the year that warms my cockles tremendously.

I admit this is a little strange, since festivities were sometimes strained across my two parental households as a child. When I became vegan, this didn't help matters much as you can imagine. Dinners at home (just the one parental home these days, I left the other behind) were pretty good as my Mum made some delicious vegan grub for me, and I would usually contribute something myself. But of course there's always the feeling of being the odd one out when sharing an experience so saturated with meaning, togetherness, etc. One other memorable Christmas dinner was at the country home of some old friends of my ex-partner's family. Please think of a Bridget Jones style country house gathering, Boxing Day hunts, 5 bird roasts and rather wealthy, rather sozzled tory voters draped over the dinner table, and then please go ahead and try to imagine ME, my social discomfort, plunged into this festive torment. I recall standing in a field somewhere late at night in sub-zero temperatures, trying desperately to maintain phone signal so I could cry at my bewildered Mother down the phone, wishing for those magical days where I sprinted at olympic speed from my bedroom on Christmas morning to the plate we'd left in our landing the night before.

The glass of brandy DRUNK. The mince pie GONE. The carrot NIBBLED.


And then stampeding into my Mum's bedroom in nothing less than a FRENZY declaring that SANTA HAD BEEN as if there were any possibility that he might have missed us. Then, dragging my presents into my Mum's room for the big reveal, me not noticing the whiff of brandy on her breath, or my Step-Dad picking bits of carrot out from between his teeth.

Aaaaaanyway. Back to the present, perhaps. These past couple of years I have enjoyed a 100% vegan Christmas dinner with dear, lovely friends. These days, it seems that the only free ticket adults have for making Christmas really, truly, their 'own', is to have a partner and a child or three. I admit that I resented this slightly and I figured that once I was over 30, it was time to make Christmas a day that gave me lots of warmth and joy and happiness and FOOD AND BOOZE, my way.

So this year, I am hosting an entirely vegan Christmas feast for my wonderful man and for two friends of ours. Because I am a fiend for festivities, I planned my menu in November, and here she is:

My fancy festive filo parcels are likely be a leeky, creamy, mushroomy affair. My sushi will undoubtedly feature some Redwoods sage and onion slices and some lovely tarty cranberry sauce. I've never tried the Fry's prawns before, but I figured they would be an excellent final contribution to my trio of sweet-chilli-dunked starters.

I am sorry to say that my Christmas cake is a little delayed this year, but my fruit has been soaking in dark rum for a few days now and my tin's at the ready.

How about you? Are you a Christmas lover or hater? Do you do it your way? What's going to be on the table for you?

And remember, while the world is often an awful, horrible place, keep in mind that even Francis Pharcellus Church, a journalist and editor who had been a war correspondent during the American Civil War, and had witnessed first hand the horror, misery and injustice of war, still encouraged us all to remember that Santa Claus lives forever <3


  1. I love your Christmas tree, especially with the cute little fox perched on top! :D I set up my tree last night & I'll finish decorating it today. Your Christmas menu sounds absolutely amazing!

    1. Ahh yes I love my little angel fox! I have a little fox decoration on there somewhere too. Of course I just call them all 'Vulpe' decorations :) I love doing the tree I have to say. It makes the room so cosy. Hope you've had fun doing yours!

  2. I've struggled to enjoy Christmas for a fair few years for various reasons. This is the first year ever I'll have not seen any family. It will just be me and Matt and that feels strangely liberating! Not sure what we'll have yet but I'm leaning to some sort of chestnutty pie. Your menu sounds amazing and I hope you have a fantastic day.

    1. I made a totally super chestnutty pie thingy the other day, this was it:

      I had to tweak the recipe a bit and used more beans and two kinds of mushrooms, but it was very tasty!

      I hope you DO have a very liberating Christmas anyway. Doing it your own way gives back a lot of the relaxation and happiness I think :)

  3. I like the fact that you planned the menu in November! I used to be that organised, but I'm still not 100% sure what I'm cooking. I might use your menu for inspiration.

    1. Haha, I already had my Christmas Pinterest board well up & running by the beginning of November! I am quite fond of Christmas :) I tend to pretty much just veganize my childhood dinner and add a few extras. It's really the vegetables that make a Christmas dinner anyway :D